Credit Counseling

Many people are reluctant to talk to a credit counselor about their credit card debt and other debts because they are not sure what to expect. This uncertainty holds many back from a simple phone call that can get them debt relief and help them repair credit. Once you know what to expect from credit counseling, you can decide if it might be right for you.

What Are Credit Counseling Agencies?
Credit counseling agencies are dedicated to helping consumers who are experiencing financial problems. The services provided typically include individual counseling, financial education, budgeting and working with creditors to facilitate repayment and stop collection calls. Some are national organizations working primarily through the phone and Internet, while others are local agencies offering in-person consultations. Like all organizations, credit counseling agencies must generate revenues. They do this in two ways:

1) Charging minimal administrative fees to clients to cover postage and other costs

2) Receiving “fair share” payments from creditors based on the payments they help clients make

Credit counseling agencies are not working for the creditors, but are independent organizations dedicated to finding workable solutions for people with financial problems.

One on One
If you call an agency like Auriton Solutions, a counselor will answer your call. She or he will ask you questions about your current financial situation. You will talk for 15-30 minutes about where you are today, what needs to change and where you want to go. You will not receive a lecture about your past mistakes. Counselors have worked with all types of financial problems, and will not be shocked by anything. Instead, the counselor will focus on solutions that can fix the problem.

In Person Meeting
If you live in an area where Auriton has an office, the counselor will probably ask if you would like to set up an in-person meeting. It’s not required, but some people find that an in-person meeting is helpful because it leads to a more open, trusting relationship.

After learning all the facts, the counselor will then begin to talk about potential solutions.

These solutions might include:

A debt management plan
Money management recommendations
Reviewing your current mortgage and future mortgage plans
Specific steps you can take to improve your situation

An experienced counselor will not propose the same solution to every client. Instead, the counselor will ask careful questions and propose a solution based solely on your needs.

Making It Happen
At your initial conversation, you and your counselor will need to decide what steps to take. To improve your life, you must want to make a change and commit to doing things differently.

Debt Management Program
Debt Management Programs consolidate all unsecured debt into one payment. You make this one payment directly to Auriton Solutions and Auriton will disburse the money to your creditors.

Monthly payments can be made by check, money order or automatic drafting of your checking account.

Auriton Solutions handles all contact with creditors and is sometimes able to take advantage of lower interest charges from these creditors. In exchange, you would usually pay a minimal monthly administrative fee.

Staying In Touch
No one is perfect, and you might make money mistakes after going through credit counseling. However, you will now have an agency to help you stay on track.

If you are experiencing financial problems, an Auriton counselor can talk with you about your situation and suggest potential solutions. We can then help you follow those solutions to get out of debt and change your life.

Call 1-877-332-8700 now to talk to a counselor or complete our on-line free consultation and a counselor will contact you.