Services We Provide

Debt Consolidation

Learn how a Debt Management Program allows you to pay off credit cards and other debts with one simple monthly payment.


Credit Counseling

Learn how our industry certified credit counselors can help you analyze your credit report and educate you on how to repair credit.

Budget Planning

Learn how debt consolidation is possible once you understand how to budget your finances, in order to get debt relief and repair credit.

Money Management

Learn how we can help you develop a realistic budget that shows you how to live within your income and achieve your goal of debt management.

Housing Counseling

Learn how Auriton can provide you with new home owner education or assist you if you are having trouble with your mortgage loan.

Benefits of Working with Auriton Solutions

Immediate Debt Help

Credit counseling services are available on the phone, online or in person.

Collection Calls Stop

Our certified credit counselors will work with your creditors and collection agencies to bring you debt relief and relief from creditor harassment.

Financial Education

Tap into our library of financial education resources to learn more about understanding credit and using credit and credit cards wisely.

Financial Tools

Our free financial tools illustrate your personal income, credit card and other expenses and debt, showing where you are doing well and where changes are needed.

Credit Card Debt Counseling

Free credit card debt counseling to learn how to reduce existing credit card debt. Education on debt consolidation, debt management and using credit wisely in the future.